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Custom Rubber Stamps and Embossing Seals

Custom Rubber Stamps - For a Greener World!
Pull the pull down bar to the right to see all of your stamp choices.
We make everything from custom return address stamps to notary rubber stamps.  We can manufacture any type of custom business stamp or crafting stamps. Click a category to learn more about our products.  We have 23 catergories of rubber stamps listed below

LEM = Low Emissions Manufacturing of our Self Inking Stamps
Absolutely No Water- No water is used n finishing the Printing Plate.
Absolutely No Chemicals- No chemicals are used to finish our LEM self inking stamps.
Absolutely No Odors- No charcoal filters or burnt rubber are emited into the atmosphere.
Absolutely No Effluent-Nothing goes down the drain in LEM manufacturing.
Absolutely No Need for Replacement Pads-Our pads can be reinked indefinately.
Very Little Power-Much less power is used in LEM manufacturing.  A 100 watt light bulb on for 1 hour uses more power that producing a batch of LEM self inking stamps.