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Blue Stain Pine(Color Variation Examples)

Blue Stain Pine(Color Variation Examples)

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Blue Stain Pine has a wide variation in Color. 
Blue Stain pine's name comes from the bluish color the wood can have.  The blue is caused by fungus where the beetle's infest the tree.  If no fungus is in the wood it appears similar to most pine wood.  If a lot is in the wood, the wood can have a fairly consistent blue color.  We do not control the exact look.  It is luck of the lumber that we buy and we cannot see inside each piece of wood until it is sawed and sanded.  Generally clients like the bluish / rustic look.  So we try to be sure each invitation, sign, or menu or other item has some of the rustic looking blue in it.  We do not ship the product if it is almost all whitish unless you specific want that.

The most common coloring is the 2nd from the left in the picture.  The 3rd and 4th from the left is much darker and is much more rare.

Click on the More Pictures button to see an enlarged photo on how the wood can vary. 

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