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ADA Compliant Specifications

ADA Compliant Sign Colors
ADA sign colors must provide a 70% contrast between the sign color and the tactile letters.  Commonly the signs are a black or blue color with white tactile lettering for contrast.

ADA Plastic and Tactile Letter Sizes:
Each letter must be 5/8" tall at a minimum and 2" tall at a maximum.  The letters must be raised 1/32" according to ADA specifications.  Our signs meet the grade 2 Braille ADA specification.  Our plastic is 1/16" industry standard thickness.  It can be upgraded to 1/8".  Our signs are custom made to order the size that you specify.

ADA compliant signs must have Braille 2 for the blind to feel and read.

Permament Signs must be ADA compliant.  Signs that are not permanent such as time ranges and hours of operation are not generally required to be compliant.

Common ADA Signage is: restroom signs, fire escape signs, exit signs, room number signs, handicap parking signs.

The smallest these ADA compliant sign with a pictogram can be is 4x4 inches and still meet the compliance guidelines.