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Personalized Scrapbooks Albums  
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Only $35 for 8x8 and $45 for 12x12 personalized your way!

We start with one of 12 colored scrapbooks made by Pioneer.  Our post bound albums come with 20 double sided pages and page protectors (allowing you to have 40 sides to decorate with photos).   Additional pages are available for $10 per 10 pack.  You may choose either an 8x8 or a 12x12 size scrapbook.   Next, we personalize the front and back cover with beautiful foil stamping of your personalized message. 

Logos, mascots or clipart may be added to your message.  There is an additional one time fee to make custom art hot stamp dies to imprint your logos and mascots.  That fee runs $50 to $80 depending on size. 

We have some off the shelf dies that can be imprinted for free:  Wedding bells, interlocking hearts for weddings.  Soccer balls for team albums.  Click here to see available dies:

Our scrapbooks are the perfect unique gift for any special occasion as listed below.  The imprint can be in gold, silver, or 14 other foil colors to choose from.   

Some of our best known clients who have purchased our personalized albums are Disneyland, Guggenheim Art Galleries, and the State of California. 

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